My feature screenplay for Nothing in Durham was a finalist in two screenplay competitions and an official selection in a third competition.


Official Selection:


Twenty years ago a guitarist thought she was too good for her musical family of French goths, so she left them and left town for a better future. The group could not function without her, so they disbanded and drifted into absurd lives. After twenty years of failing in numerous bands, the guitarist finally realizes her family band was the best thing she had. She returns to her hometown to reform the band, but not all her siblings are happy to see her again, especially the one who thought she was dead. The guitarist must persevere through family challenges, aggressive mimes, cranky artists, a menacing chorus, and more to find her family and put it back together again.

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Trailer & Music Video

  • Enjoy the trailer and music video from our movie Nothing in Durham
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Movie Premiere

  • This fall we will premiered our film in Durham, NC.
Nothing in Durham