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Music Flyers

I love making flyers because it's a chance to experiment combined with a short deadline. I've made lots of flyers for my bands and other events, and below are a few samples. The Joe & Jo's flyer below won Honorable Mention for poster design at the 2007 NC AIGA Biennial Juried Show.

Polynya music show flyer
Fan-tan music show flyer
Joe and Jo's music show flyer
Troika Festival music show flyer

Examples of logo work:

Angel Study Research Project
Skulduggery Puzzle Hunts Online Games
Valentine's Day logo for music band Veronique Diabolique
TRI-ME web logo for EPA online reporting tool

CD Art and Packing

CD art and packing for French goth band Véronique Diabolique, 2006 and 2010.

Demo CD cover art for Véronique Diabolique
Carte Postale et Deux CD cover art for Véronique Diabolique
CD art for Véronique Diabolique

Political Poster

One of my posters was selected to appear in the Truth to Power 4 exhibit at Pleiades Gallery in the summer of 2016. Below is the poster, titled "Governor."

Reviews of the show:


The last few years I've entered work in an advertising contest for Fluevog shoes, and below are two examples. I've used the contest as a way to experiment and to inspire my other art.

View more shoe ads

Fluevog art: Arabella
Fluevog art: What's it going to be?


I have made a few short videos, and this one is based on the band Polynya's live show in Durham, North Carolina.